[Iruma Air Show 2017]Saitama Iruma Air Show 2017 on October 3rd

It is a long time since I wrote in English. Iruma Air Show takes place in October the 3rd as usual in 2017,which is also the Culture Day national holiday.

Plenty of people arrive at the spot(Saitama Iruma Air Base) to watch this exciting air show.

This video will give you a glimpse into this event.(Video itself is not filmed by me)

We chose a good spot at a park near the end of runway.A lot of people came to camp here.This was my first time to watch real air show outside,which felt much more spectacular than I thought.

It was a really good weather condition that day which is perfect for an air show.The main part of the event was the air show of Blue Pulse.Just enjoy the photos below.Take a deep breath in this blue sky and the astonishing jet performance. 





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  1. 椎名雪音 says:

    So it’s tough to read so much alphabet , lucky that I can know a lot from those beautiful picture.

  2. invisible says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience!!!

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