Privacy Policy
We don’t store your data, period.
This application is used for scanning and creating QR code. The url or text Scanned from the QR code and QR code image created from your own url or text will only be stored on your device(Only if you back up your data to iCloud or other cloud services, your data won’t be stored anywhere except your device). While, we also don’t add any functions to collect your data or rent a server to store your data.
When you launch this application for the first time, there will be a permission request to access your camera and photo album. This request is only used to allow our application to use your camera to scan a QR code, import the QR code from your photo album and store the QR code created by yourself.
For the url or text scanned from the QR code, several options will be given to open it. If you choose one of them, you will leave our application and jump to the application you chose. Whenever you jump to other applications, it’s out of the responsibility of this privacy policy.