【Design】Digital clock alarms with alarm clock with Madoka theme

QQ截图20140825173631 Thanks to the tuitorial of tutorialzine ,I succeeded in refining the digital clock with more theme controls. Click “switch theme” to toggle from light theme to madoka theme. click “alarm” icon to set the time from now on. Made with full jquery and css3. Link:https://yunlu18.net/innovation/digital-clock-alarms/index.html

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1.when you are doing homework or test.Set the alarm and just wait for the alarm ring. 2.Or just treat it as a time app.  

For other use

If you want to DIY the digital clock.Just save the html file of the link above and customize it.   QQ截图20140825173651 light theme     QQ截图20140825173704


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  1. Kusanagi Hira says:

    It just looks like the app used by TOEIC I took yesterday, but much more beautiful!

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