[Windows 10 & MacBook] Windows10 on MacBook 2015

无标题 It has been long since I wrote an article in English.It is hard to keep a certain English level in Japan.But a good English here really  makes difference. Okay ,let’s just talk about Windows 10 on my new Macbook 2015 which I reviewed before. Reason It might sound strupid for installing windows10 on a macbook.But things comes different when it come to the new macbook.It still makes the thinnest and lightest windows notebook computer in the world.And as My macbook is not my main pc,I dont require must space on it but surely want it to do the tasks most flexibly.And as a part of the tasks cant or difficult to be done on the OSX,it is the time for a windows on a macbook. Procedures It is quite simple to install a Windows 10 on the macbook right now.The whole task took only an hour.What you need physically is just a flashdrive over 8GB, and a Windows 10 iso file,the rest can be done just with Bootcamp.As this article is not a procedure instruction,the procedures here is just a overall plan.You can google for the procedures and the Windows 10 activation key if you like.The installation will end and dont forget to install the bootcamp support,which will install all the drives of hardware into windows.Finally, after several reboots,the windows is right here for you to use. The default account will be created and you can use the Microsoft account instead. Off the Topic When I log in with the Microsoft account ,I am surprised that all of my settings and desktop backgroud sync to my macbook immediately.The language setting,input method, and the all of the input advice history! is brought to the new windows.I was happy to find that the input method will advice me on the address, mailbox …when I fill the tables in website.But it is really scary that much of our privacy has been uploaded to Microsoft secretly.Although, it can be change from setting,but normal people wont do it at all right? Spec&Review It is heard that the windows 10 works better than OSX on this macbook.And I can prove it is true.The spec is higher than before.The flash player on the website will not get the CPU hot anymore.And the battery life is good like before. Pros and Cons The macbook keyboard is designed for OSX not windows.So it might take time to adjust yourself to the new shortcut in macbook windows.For exp Fn +F11=Print Screen.which take time to remember all of them. But I have to admit that windows 10 perfectly suits the design of this macbook.The pursuit of beauty never ends.Thanks for reading this review.This is yunlu18. IMG_7570


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