【English Poem】Spring & angel poem by yunlu18

forum.php(3)   This article is to share the 2 English poems I wrote before.Hopefully,there will be a third in recent days.




Like an angel flapping her wings

What a beautiful scene will she brings

Although just broke out from the dark winter drawing

She will certainly be the King

For the time being

Swing through the forests and streams

Animals awake and plants start to turn green

Jump through the farmland and ceilings

People are delight and well-being

She is always naive and warming

So what about you      my little darling

Are you still dreaming

Please wake up and welcome the Spring


Poem By  yunlu18


The angel poem

The day I met angel,it was in last year.

Quite as I fear,but she came near.

Driven away all my despair,she show the whole world clear.

Anime and manga,doujin and music ,they all peacefully appear.

I love all people that share,it used to be really rare.

It put my track on wheel, and I love all the people here.

It just takes a year,which makes the other forums queer.

Just toast with beer,and shout aloud ”cheer“.

We were never together,but now we love each other.

Happy birthday, angel, you are my only dear.

By yunlu18



A traveler in the Dimensions.Ready to experience and share the beauty of the world.

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