[Figure review/手办评测] -Saber/Altria Pendragon (Alter) & Cuirassier Noir

It has been a long time since I wrote in English.This is the full review of the figure of Saber/Alter ,who is one of the main characters in FGO 1.5 Shinjuku episode.The figure was announced on July 2018 (Fri) and finally released on Jan 2020.The delicate design of motorbike and the character makes this figure one of the best figures in all time.

Price:18333(before tax) .My preorder price was 16433yen and you can now buy this figure on amazon.com for 18000yen.

As this is a wonderful figure, the price will go up for sure.If you are interested in this figure ,please check out as soon as possible.Nowadays, as the single character figure price surged up to about 16000yen+ level ,this figure is indeed reasonable in price.

This figure is often related to the motorbike version of saber in Fate/Zero.And it is indeed the same motorbike model ,which makes the price lower than expected.Both figures are cool and classic.Now just enjoy the details.

Hope you enjoy the review.Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Oo驱魔少年oO says:


  2. Nanatsuki says:


  3. VengefulSpirit says:

    机车 √√
    本(配)体(件) √
    漆面 ×××

    GSC你也算是个老牌子了 哪有把亮光漆搞成这样的 你这过膝靴和机车盖的漆面质感也过于塑料了点 看看zero的哑光再看看你 真的是涂装不帅气毁了半台车啊
    最后补一句 这地台蛮精致的 (对我就是中意这个地台,没人能get到这个点就对了)

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