[Bad Apple]When your iphone and macbook is wiped right in your hand….and more

Bad-Apple Can you imagine the data of your iphone and macbook is wiped right in your hand ? I ran into this incredible thing recently.Which will definitely be the worst day of the year.Let me tell how it happened and how bad the apple support is below. About two weeks ago ,when I am using my iphone outside ,the screen suddenly turned black and show a white apple logo with a loading bar at the center of the screen,I knew that something bad had happened.After the loading,it said that the iphone was wiped by “find my iphone” function remotely and asked for your apple id and password for activation. No time to thought about what had happened  or regretted for the lost vulnerable data.I had to activate my iphone to do some search on what happened.To my surprise, I successfully activated my iphone with my apple id and password.But all the data,pictures,photos,game,apps were all gone as expected.I thought there might be something wrong with my apple account.As there were no PC around to check for my account, I turned to apple support. Taking half an hour explaining the thing, I found that apple support could do nothing about this.Even the access log of my apple account.I knew someone might wipe my iphone using “find my iphone” ,but apple cant tell me who or where it is.As there was also a macbook on my account,I had to rush to my home to protect my macbook from the data wiping. When I got home,I checked the icloud immediately.It said that the macbook is already wiped.Although I hadn’t shut down the macbook the night before, I can ensure that the macbook is closed.I took the macbook out of my wifi range and opened it.The OSX was locked with a so-called firmware lock , which I had never set up before.The macbook just cant enter the recovery mode….But the weird thing is I can enter my windows without any firmware password.Anyway, I cant just use the 240GB OSX any more.I searched the Internet for any solution.But the only solution is just go the apple store and ask for a firmware unlock and of course the data in my mac would be gone . As I have to swallow all the reality, I changed the password, the mail password and enable the two step confirmation afterwards.And I took my macbook to Apple store for help.Hope the things will end in this way. What do I learn from this story? 1.When someone know your apple id, your all devices will be in danger and apple cant really help you.So make it in mind when you want to register an device in your apple id or turn on the “find my iphone/ipad/mac” function.Although you may be benefit from this function for losing your idevices ,it is not kind when you lose control of you account. 2.The apple support is totally a shit in Japan.All the receptionists are even less knowledge about idevices than me.Don’t even know one can wipe an iphone data with imei even without “find my iphone” on ?Don’t know what will happen when an idevice is wiped?Don’t know there is a find my mac function?Don’t know how to access icloud.com ?Cant help anything about your lost account? Are they really need to be there? I can just search the web and do a way better job than them. 3.Just make a backup.All your data will be possibly lost one day.So just do something before you regret about it. 4.Cloud is nice, cloud is horrible.50% of my data is retrieved perfectly by those cloud applications.But if you dont protect your account well.It would be lost forever.


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